Quidditch is a sport founded on the value of inclusiveness. It is one of the few sports in the world open to anyone of any gender, including outside of the gender binary; indeed, the gender rule of quidditch states that no more than 4 of the 7 players on pitch may be of the same gender. This rule is based on the gender someone identifies as, not their sex assigned at birth. We take great pride in our non binary and female players, and are always pushing for higher female involvement in sport both as players and at a management level, and even run a Women in Quidditch programme in collaboration with other USyd graduate players. We also take pride in being a safe space for anyone in the LGBTQIA community.

In general, we don't care who you are or where you're from. Local or international, elite sportsperson or never-held-a-ball-since-highschool-PE, if you respect the other members of your team and club, then we'll teach you the rest and you'll find a place in USyd Quidditch. #FirstRuleOfQuidditch