Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography

Ajantha took up quidditch photography in 2015 on a casual basis. Things got more serious after photographing major overseas tournaments like the British Quidditch Cup and European Quidditch Cup, and after photographing the 2016 World Cup, he became well known around Europe for his work, eventually coming back to Australia to continue to photograph here, but still returning to Europe in 2017 briefly to photograph European Games and the Quidditch Premier League. Ajantha has also given presentations on quidditch photography in the past at QuidCamp Australia and QuidCamp Norway in 2017, and was involved with the Quidditch Post as Visuals Director for a time. You can even find his work on the front cover of the Official IQA 2016-18 Rulebook. Ajantha and his camera Vandi are looking to return to Europe this June for the 2018 World Cup.

Courtney Buckley Photography

Following in Ajantha's footsteps, Courtney took up quidditch photography in 2016, and has since become a staple of the Australian quidditch photography scene. These days, she and her camera "Bam" can be found at any tournament, and she has one of the best eyes for action and quommunity shots in the game. She also photographs events outside of quidditch, and has also started her own "Quidparel" merchandise store on Redbubble, for quidditch apparel, with new gear released every fortnight. Check out the gear at HowdyThereFrond.

Willem de Gouw Photography

Willem has been playing quidditch with Usyd for many years now but only recently started plying his photographic skills for the sport with the recent surge of photographers in the club. You can check out some of his photography starting from NQL Finals in 2017 on his facebook page. Willem also has a talent for graphic design that has been useful for the club before.



Other photographers from the club who don't yet have public Facebook pages or websites include Kim Govier, Sanju Vairav, Lilian Thai, Alex Nielsen, Amelia Covre, and Harry Huang (who also does a lot of filming). All the photos on the website may be attributed to one of the above.


Kim and Courtney have recently teamed up with their combined experience in working with children to start a quidditch business aimed primarily at families, running quidditch and kidditch events for young kids such as birthday parties. Both have extensive quidditch and childcare experience, and are superb at what they do.