Semester 2

Week 1: 

Monday  30th July: ODay Stall (Eastern Avenue, 9am-4pm)
Monday Demo Game (12-1pm, Victoria Park) 
Monday Meet and Geet (Hermann's Bar, 4pm onwards)
Wednesday 1st August - Club's 6th Birthday! (Forest Lodge Hotel, 5pm - Free Cake and Pizza!)
Thursday Come and Try Session (2-5pm, Victoria Park)
Friday Come and Try Session (2-5pm, Victoria Park)

Week 2: 

Thursday Come and Try Session (2-5pm, Vic Park)
Friday Come and Try Session (2-5pm, Vic Park)
Foodie Friday + Newtown PubCrawl
Sunday 12th - USyd Internal League Tournament! (All Welcome to Play!)


event schedule SEM 2.jpg

Later in Semester 2:


BBQs, Bake Sales, Karaoke, Harry Potter Trivia, USQL Scavenger Hunt & Trivia Night, Rock Climbing, USQC Goes To See... (X-Men, Jungle Book, Fantastic Beasts, etc..), End of Year Awards Evening, Quovemas, Foodie Fridays, and more. 


NQL Friendlies (August 5th)
USQL Round 3 (August 12th)
NQL Round 3 (August 25th)
NQL Round 4 (September 15th or 16th) 
USQL Round 4 (September 22 or 23rd)
USyd QuidCamp (September 29th-30th) 
USyd Internal Fantasy Tournament (October 1st) 
NQL Finals (October 27th)
USQL Finals (November 3rd or 4th)
QUAFL, Australian National Championships (8th-9th December)

what we did earlier in the year...

Semester 1 - Weeks 1 to 3:

O Week: 

Wednesday Demo Game
Thursday Demo Game

Week 1: 

Hermann's Meet and Greet (Monday)
Flodge Meet and Greet (Wednesday)
Lunchtime BBQ Meet & Greet (Thrusday)
Quidditch Info Session (Thursday & Friday)
Come and Try Open Training Session (Thursday & Friday)
NQL Preseason Tournament 1 (Saturday)

Week 2: 

Come and Try Open Training Sessions (Thursday & Friday)
Hogsmeade Visit - Newtown Pub Crawl (Friday)

Week 3:

Come and Try Open Training Sessions (Thursday & Friday)
#FoodieFriday Team Dinners (Friday)
USyd Internal Quidditch League Trial Tournament (Saturday)




Later in Semester 1...


Midsem - NQL Preseason Tournament 2

Week 6 - NQL Pool Play Tournament 1

Week 8 - USQL Tournament 1 (5/5/18)

Week 10 - NQL Pool Play Tournament 2

Week 13 - USQL Tournament 2 (10/6/18)
Holidays - World Cup Watch Party (30/6/18-1/7/18 )


Treasure Hunt - Week 5

Harry Potter Trivia Night - Week 7
Bake Sale - Week 8
Quidditch goes to see Avengers - Week 9
Quidditch Cruise - Week 10
Quidditch goes to see Solo  - Week 12


Always On: 

Training - Thursdays & Fridays in Victoria Park, 2-5 PM (Plus Weekend Sessions)

Post Training Dinner & Drinks at the Flodge

Foodie Fridays - Team Dinners on Odd Numbered Weeks starting Week 3

Spontaneous hang outs, study groups, outings, birthdays, beach days....