How can I get club membership?

O week/O Day is the easiest time to get membership - just come along to our stall with $5 and we'll sign you right up! 
If it's after O week/O Day, no worries! You can sign up for membership at any time, it's never too late :) Just come along to one of our events and speak to a member of our exec, and we'll get you sorted. 

You can also sign up for membership online here!


When can I join?

We advertise open trainings and events on our facebook page all the time. The next upcoming event will always be the best time to join! Be that an open training or a social event, new people are always welcome :) Especially with regards to playing quidditch, we encourage people to start as early as possible - including before semester if you're keen! The sooner you know your way around on a broomstick, the better. 

But...How exactly do I join? 

If you're just wanting to join for the social events and other such HP things that we run, simply sign up for membership and you're done! Keep tabs on our facebook page or the upcoming events page on the website, and we'll see you around :) 

If you're wanting to play quidditch, simply turn up to our next training. Training times are on Thursdays and Fridays 2-5pm in Victoria Park, as well as weekends - check our facebook page for updates. After you attend a training, talk to someone from Management we'll add you to our players group on facebook, specifically for organising all of the playing quidditch side of things :)


In general, if you have any questions or are confused about anything, feel free to contact us either via email or on our facebook page, and we'll be able to help you ASAP :) 


See you soon!