The first USyd Quidditch team was named the Unspeakables, and it remains the name of our top competition team. However, the Unspeakables is ALSO the name of London's first quidditch team! Formed around the same time as us, the Sydney Unspeakables, the London based club has even recently expanded to have a second team called the Unbreakables, after our own B team. There have been many meet ups between Sydney and London Unspeakables over the years, with current Unspeakables Captain Ajantha Abey even having played for and guest coached London briefly. The world still waits for the Unspeakables world tour and ultimate showdown though! 

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In 2014, the Unspeakables travelled to South Carolina to compete in the "US Quidditch World Cup VII". There they played against teams from the US and Canada, and even met Alex Benepe himself - one of the original founders of real-life quidditch!

It was also here where USyd played its first games of beach quidditch...


In 2016, beaters Natalie Astalosh (Then USQC President) and Luke Derrick (Former USQC President) travelled to Frankfurt, Germany, with the Australian National Team - "The Dropbears" - for the IQA 2016 Quidditch World Cup. The Dropbears defeated the USA 150*-130 in the grand finals, making Australia the first ever team to defeat the US, and crowning them world champions. 


In 2015-16, Ajantha Abey, current USQC President, went on exchange to the UK, and spent the year playing with Bristol Quidditch Club, competing with them all over the UK and even qualifying for the European Championships in Italy, where they placed 12th of Europe's top 40. Ajantha is slightly obsessed with going overseas to play quidditch, and has also played in Norway, Austria, and Belgium.

Chris Gaz started playing quidditch at USyd in 2014, as an exchange student from Austria. He loved quidditch so much that he went back home to help form his own team, The Vienna Vanguards, the first quidditch team in Austria!  


Chris met up again with USQC President Ajantha at the European Quidditch Club in Italy in 2016, and still plays for the Vanguards, and even for the Austrian National Team!


Alina Scheja began her quidditch career when the joined the club in 2016 as an exchange student, playing for the Unbreakables and even captaining the team. After going back home to Germany, she joined her local team, the Heidelberger Hellhounds, revamping the team with her coaching, helping them to qualify for the German Championships in 2017.


During 2017, Unspeakables chasers Lachlan Ward and Mirjana Stancic went on exchange to Paris, during which time they played for the Paris Titans quidditch team, the French champions two time winners of the European Quidditch Cup. Both played for Titans in the 2017 European Quidditch Cup, and Mirjana also played for the Titans at Coup de France, where Titans were crowned champions once again. 

While in France, Mirjana was also selected to play for the French National Team at the European Games in Norway that year. European Games is a tournament between all the European National teams, where France won silver among 15 other European Nations.



Patricia Schwan is another of our exchange students, who started playing quidditch while Down Under in 2017. She departed half way through the year (only to return briefly later in the year for QUAFL) back home for Switzerland, a country where quidditch is still in its infancy. Here, she helped with forming a team in her hometown, the Basel Basilisks, which she currently coaches. She is also now a member of the Swiss Quidditch Association Executive Board, and is working towards getting a Swiss team to the 2018 World Cup. 

Every year, Quidditch New Zealand hosts NZ QuidCamp! At the start of 2017, several of our members including Sam Chittenden, JV James Lim, Harry Jones, and Zach Vidler, flew across to play and help the the relatively new Quidditch NZ develop. It was here that Jv's true calling as keeper for Team Australia was discovered, and bucket hats were discovered as the one fashion to rule them all. 



Quidditch is more than just an international sport - it's an international community.
Wherever you go in the world, you'll always find like-minded friends and warm welcomes from the local quidditch team.