Team Manager

You know those people you see on the sideline with a clipboard giving directions and saying who to come on and who to go off when, and quietly responsible for organising their team's logistics? That's the team's Manager. Team managers are responsible for managing substitutions during games, making sure everyone gets game time or the right people are on pitch at the right time, all while maintaining a correct gender ratio. Off pitch, they're responsible for making sure their team knows how to get to tournaments, has transport, everyone knows what they need, and general team logistics. Kathryn, the club's manager, often refers to herself as the team Mum. But there's only one Kathryn and ever more teams - if seeing a team thrive under your guidance sounds like something that you'd enjoy, shoot us a message, and come and talk to Kathryn :) 



All sports photography is tricky, but quidditch, with it's fast paced action and so much going on makes for a unique challenge - with some truly rewarding and spectacular shots in return. We have a fantastic community of photographers at USyd Quidditch made up by our players, but we're always looking for more, especially dedicated non-playing ones. 

We boast some of the foremost quidditch photographers in Australia and the World, so if quidditch photography sounds like something you'd like to try out, there's no better place to try than here :) All of the photos you see on this website are by USyd Players, and you can find out more about some of our photographers here



Slowly but surely, we are getting better at filming more of our games at USyd Quidditch. But we'd like to be doing better. Like photography, filming quidditch is an interesting challenge in deciding where to focus on the game, and we need both people who are able to be stationary with a tripod camera, to capture footage of whole games for review, as well as people with a good eye for angles who can capture cool moments and action shots up close, for things like highlights reels. 

If you're interested in helping film, or even things like editing together videos or more technical things like live streaming even, we'd love to hear from you :)