The USQL is currently being structured as a 6 tournament league. The first tournament will be a trial "pre-season" as we establish and fine-tune teams, and allow players to give it a go before committing. 

This will be followed by 4 tournaments where the teams will play in a double round robin across the four tournament days, followed by a last "Finals" tournament. 

There will be three tournaments per semester, with the semester 1 tournament dates confirmed as follows: 

USQL 1 (Trial) - Saturday March 16th
USQL 2 (Pool 1) - Sunday April 14th
USQL 3 (Pool 2) - ??

Dates for semester 2 tournaments dates confirmed as follows:

USQL 4 (Pool 3) - ??
USQL 5 (Pool 4) - ??
USQL Finals - ??

In the interests of maximising game time for players, management is considering extending the seeker floor of games, to make game days more worth it for teams attending as well. 

Each tournament will run for 5 hours (from 9:00am to 2:00pm) and will involve 6 games, with each team playing three times and reffing once or twice.