We presently have five teams in the USQL, each with their own captain, vice captain, and insignia. Teams get selected by the management board in such a way that they are as balanced as possible, with enough people on each team that there are plenty of subs while still ensuring everyone gets lots of game time. Should there be enough interest, teams may be rearranged to form a 6th team. At present, there will be roughly 10 experienced players per team, with the remainder filled out by new players.



Fisher Firenze
Captain: Kim Govier
Vice Captain: Cooper Fitzgerald

Abercrombie Aurors 
Captain: Alex Nielsen
Vice Captain: Nicholas Albornoz

Verge Veela
Captain: Max Brenner
Vice Captain: Sanju Vairav

Nicholson Cursebreakers
Captain: Sarah King
Vice Captain: Ashan Abey

Wallace Werewolves
Captain: Alex Cunningham
Vice Captain: India Rich