The USQL is overseen by a management board made up of our President, Vice-Presidents, Unspeakables captains, our coaches and our club manager. They are responsible for everything that happens, making decisions and planning and organising everything for the league - from teams to catering. 

Ava McConnell, as Vice President (Internals) of the club, is heading up the project as League Director.

Kathryn Cooper, the club’s manager, will be managing the teams on game days and in charge of individual tournaments as Tournament Director.

Kim Govier, as Vice President (Externals) will be in charge of managing membership for the league. 

Harry Jones, meanwhile, is our 'Flavour Director'

Also involved is Ajantha Abey, our President and captain of the Unspeakables, Samantha Chittenden, captain of the Unspeakables, and Courtney Buckley, one of the head coaches, who also sit in on the board and form the full decision making and organising body.