Check out some of our favourite quidditch videos - produced both by our club and others - on this page! You can find some of these and more on our youtube channel

USyd Quidditch Videos

Check out some of the highlights from our 2015 season here!

Here are some highlights put together by Harry Huang from Beach Quidditch earlier this year

Check out the USyd Quidditch Social Side of Nationals 2017!

Check out the footage of the IQA Quidditch World Cup Grand Final, where Australia, featuring two USyd players, beaters Natalie Astalosh and Luke Derrick, defeated the US:

The Truck.mp4 is one of the greatest videos in quidditch history - from 2015 Nationals, when Nick Albornoz decided that 4 opposition players tackling him wasn't going to stop him from scoring. Watch it here

International Quidditch Videos

An awesome How to Play video from US Quidditch

Another US teaser video for the US World Cup 8

AJ spent a year abroad with Brizzlepuffs Quidditch Club in the UK - check out their awesome highlights video here:

A brief video from Brizzlepuffs Quidditch Club explaining the most basic rules of quidditch.