The University of Sydney Quidditch League (USQL) is a year-long internal tournament that pits five teams against each other in six rounds of competitive but fun quidditch.

The USQL is a new initiative this year designed around mentoring new players, more team bonding, and additional practice with gameplay and reffing for old and new players. We hope to ensure that everyone has a fair go at competitive quidditch with balanced teams. While all games are competitive, regulation standard and official, the goal of the USQL is to develop players in a fun and relaxed environment, introducing new players into the sport and allowing old players to develop their skills in between NQL tournaments. Players are encouraged to try out new positions, hone new skills and meet new people.

The USQL also extends beyond the pitch with our ‘competitive social activities’ like scavenger hunts. The points from these, and the tournament results, will go towards each team’s point totals, and the winning team will be crowned the USQL champions of 2018.

We hold USQL tournaments approximately once a month and you can join up any time — just come along to trainings in Victoria Park.

For training times, as well as updates on results, teams and tournament dates, follow our Facebook page. Alternatively send us a message via the contact form/email with any enquiries.