Trainings & Mac Merc

For those of you who want to try quidditch casually but not play competitively, we run regular open, club wide trainings where we teach people how to play quidditch. These always end with playing scrimmage games. It is recommended that you try and attend early in semester where you can pick up the basics. The Macquarie University team (Mac Marauders) also host weekly casual pick-up games every Wednesday afternoon (called "Mac Merc"), which are another great way to get casually involved in playing quidditch, and we encourage our players to go to these - there'll almost always be someone from USyd there :)

Semi-Competitive & Development:


USQL is the University of Sydney Quidditch League. This year we've made the decision to run an internal league for USyd players, to provide an environment to play competitive quidditch with more of  a focus on development and having fun, and allowing players to try new positions. Find out more about it on our USQL page. 

To play in the USQL, you need to pay for Quidditch Australia membership and USQL Registration - trial memberships are available for both. You should also be a club member. 

Fantasy tournaments are a regular staple of the quidditch calendar. These are tournaments where captains are chosen for the tournament and then players are entered into a fantasy draft, and play in those teams picked by the captains, rather than for their usual club teams. This makes these a great opportunity to meet other members of the community, play with new people, try new things, and even travel for fantasy tournaments in different states (or even countries!).

Since they're not part of the official league and don't count for anything, these are usually more casual than the more competitive club leagues, though are still played competitively, especially in the final stages. We also run our own USyd Internal Fantasy Tournament, a one day event in October, separate to USQL, where we invite USyd players old and new to come back together and play fun semi-competitive games for the day. 


Fantasy Tournaments

USyd internal fantasy 2017

USyd internal fantasy 2017


NQL, Interstate
Tournaments, & Nationals

The usyd unspeakables at QUAFL 2017.

For the more competitively inclined of you, there are our competition teams. You can read about our teams here. These are the teams we take to various levels of competition. The most regular is the NQL, or NSW Quidditch League. This is the competitive intermural league in the state, where we play against other university and community teams. The league is operated on monthly tournament days there teams in two divisions play games that count towards a ladder and eventually state finals. The Unspeakables have previously come 3rd, 1st, and 3rd. 

We also send our competition team(s) to compete in interstate tournaments such as Melbourne Mudbash, where the Unspeakables won gold this year (!!) in June and Newcastle's Midwinter Cup in July. The year culminates however in QUAFL - the Australian National Championships, which our competition teams qualify for through the NQL. This is the last quidditch tournament of the year, held in December, and the teams, especially the Unspeakables, train throughout the year with performing here in mind.

Places on our competition teams are, obviously, competitive, especially the Unspeakables and the Unbreakables. This said, the NQL and other intermural tournaments still maintain a fun atmosphere amid all the competition, and playing and meeting other teams can be one of the best parts of quidditch, so we do encourage everyone who wants to express interest in being on one of our competition teams, and should there be sufficient interest, more competition teams could be formed. You need to have membership with QNSW and Quidditch Australia, as well as the club, in order to play on one of these teams. Trial, half year, or one time versions are available. 

Since 2016, Quidditch Australia has started running competitions at the state representative level, starting with the quidditch State of Origin series in 2016, which became the Quidditch Australia State Shield in 2017. For these tournaments, the top 21 players in the state are selected to represent NSW against Victoria and Queensland, and this year potentially South Australia as well. Several of our players play at this elite level, and USyd Quidditch does indeed have a rich history of players playing for the NSW State Team - the Blue Tongues. The team is organised by QNSW and selection camps are usually in late semester 1. 


State Shield



The highest level of quidditch anyone can play at is for the National team - the Australian Dropbears. The Dropbears are chosen following a rigorous selection process by a panel of selectors appointed by Quidditch Australia, and compete in the bi-annual Quidditch World Cup. The Dropbears have always featured at least one USyd player since 2014, and the recently announced team for the 2018 World Cup in Florence features one USyd player on the team, as well as two USyd players on the reserves. 

Samantha Chittenden, Courtney Buckley, and Brandon Frison - three usyd players selected to play for the nsw blue tongues in the 2017 state shield. 

Samantha Chittenden, Courtney Buckley, and Brandon Frison - three usyd players selected to play for the nsw blue tongues in the 2017 state shield.